A Christmas Gift…

We are trying hard to improve our designs and make listings that are compelling and original based on true drawing…we love to share them with you as you are an audience that has embraced our designs and our creative world. Thanks to you our Etsy store reached the 44.000 sales and we became an official Silhouette Contributor. Since this is Thanksgiving Day our greatest thanks belong to our audience. From the bottom of my heart we share with you this Christmas asset free to download.

Print for your kids and enjoy!

New Sublimation Bundles

I have already started revamping our older cut files Fall/Halloween and Christmas so they can be turned into beautiful and vibrant sublimation files you can use with ease either you own a cutting machine or not. 

I personally enjoy so much the process because I get to recolor it in procreate and I draw by hand with the apple pencil and I must admit I am hooked with the many brushes and patterns, that’s almost addictive. 

These files will be available in small bundles on most marketplaces and not as individual files (with the exception of Silhouette Design Store). Hopefully more Christmas svgs that are suitable for sublimation recoloring will be available soon. 

Halloween Kids Sublimation Designs

In this little bundle I have added color variations, which I also found quite interesting to create as colors at PNG files are set so you can’t change them easily as you can with cut files.

Cute Baby Shower – Nursery Graphics Vector Format

A cute set of baby design elements available as vectors in Ai, EPS and SVG. Ideal to create your own baby shower cards, baptism cards, baby projects such as apparel and nursery prints. All designs are supplied on one board 12X12 inches. 

Please note that the text at the graphics is vectorized and you won’t be able to edit it. As vectors all designs pictured are scalable to the dimensions of your choice. 

Recommended software: Adobe Illustrator or another vector based software. 

Available to our main marketplaces where we sell.

Printable Stickers Bundle Collection

Printable Planners Bundle / Print n Cut Silhouette and Cricut
Printable Planners Bundle / Print n Cut Silhouette and Cricut

Printable Stickers Bundle, Print n Cut Planner Stickers, Cricut Stickers, Silhouette Stickers,

A nice collection from our print n cut Stickers Section. What’s included: 

  1. Beach Summer Planner Stickers – Days of the week Stickers 
  2. Fall Stickers
  3. Halloween Stickers
  4. Thanksgivings Stickers
  5. November Stickers
  6. December Stickers
  7. January Stickers
  8. February Stickers 
  9. Easter – Spring Stickers
  10. Easter Stickers
  11. Santa Christmas Stamps Stickers 

All these stickers are provided in 2 dimensions: A letter size sheet for Silhouette and 6X9 files for Cricut. 

Print n Cut Instructions are included (PDF File). 

Some stickers may include a light grey stroke around which is intended for the cutting machines to read more easily the cut lines. 

Further properties:

300 Dpi (High Resolution)

RGB Mode (suitable for most desktop and on line printer services)

Transparent Background

Easter Sublimation Files

Sublimation is a quick and easy way to transfer almost any design you wish from paper to a t-shirt, blouse or any other fabric you wish. Sublimation works exclusively with heat transfer papers, a printer of your choice and an iron.

The technique is easy.

First, you print the design on the heat transfer paper, then place it on top of the fabric you have chosen.

You heat your iron – no steam please- and using a soft cloth between the initial heat transfer paper and the iron to act as a barrier – you press the iron on the surface of the cloth, making sure you smoothly apply heat to all the design area.

As soon as the heat transfer paper peals off easily – you can check this by lifting a corner- you can remove the heat transfer paper and voila the design stays on the fabric.

In this way you can transfer almost any design, no matter how detailed or complex it is, without the fear of breaking it or losing detail. Sublimation is also recommended for more colorful and complicated designs. We recommend the above method for personal use at home. If you wish to create t-shirts for professional use a heat press will do a better job with the heat for more durable resorts. You must also check the quality of the heat transfer papers.

What designs can be used as sublimation files?

For the users that are not very well acquainted with file formats and softwares, usually the PNGs with transparent background are a standard secure option because you can open and print them as an image from any photo and picture editor you may have – whereas for example SVGs (which are mainly used for cut files) may not be supported. Make sure though that your software can read the transparent files.

We have started releasing files exclusively for sublimation use. And we are planning to release more files at the future. For now we have created this Easter Sublimation Bundle packed with 14 designs to easily create cute Easter kids t-shirts.

Happy Easter…

Easter is almost here, so in case you are on the hunt for Easter cut files or Easter sublimation files to decorate your home or to create beautiful gifts for your kids and family, we have a great variety of designs you can use. All of these files are available on our Etsy Store, Silhouette Store, Design Bundles and Creative Market.

Happy Easter Signs…

Happy Easter Kids Designs

Visit our stores to discover more and more designs for your Easter creations.