Designer in Distress (nah, Why Print n Cut Stickers come with a black border)

This is an issue, I wanted to address, as I regularly get this question. Let me say that I am a Silhouette user and a Silhouette Design Store contributor so I have a little experience in print n cut files. As I really enjoy creating stickers, I wanted to show you with screenshots the dilemma to do stickers with a black border or not to do? Without a further delay let’s get down to business.

This is our main image, I created it this week, inspired by my two kittens, we are going to use for our example. Why? Because it’s large and clear. A perfect example.

So we upload this design to Silhouette, you can see it has no black stroke, just a white background which is meant to unify the design so the hearts are not cut on their own.

Let’s use the tracing feature and try to trace it so the outline lines are created and the sticker can be cut.

This is the first tracing pushed at the maximum threshold, of course we need to trace the outer edge so let’s just do that. Result:

M… it was obvious from the upper screen for an experience user, but now it’s obvious for all; the white background is not enough to unify the design. The hearts will be cut separately. So here is another attempt:

Here we pushed the scale option so it can contain the hearts but again once you remove the design and left with the tracing (and you should always do this to ensure a smooth cut) is this…

Here the designer has no option but to jump out of the window…or apply a black stroke…So we have to visit Photoshop…

Let’s see the result now…

Now we are tracing with the Threshold at maximum and the Scale option as it was in our previous example (when I was ready to jump out of the window…)…

And voila now Silhouette correctly traces our image without hassle.

So a black stroke is unfortunately a necessity to guarantee successful tracing especially when there is a need to address both Cricut and Silhouette users.

I hope that you find this article useful and got an insight into designing and how things are not always so obvious or straightforward.

Send me an email for further questions, I will be glad to help.

New Valentines Bundles Available

Have a look at our Valentines Bundles available in Etsy, Design Bundles and So Fontsy. I have included various designs that are available and separately mostly in Silhouette Design Store.

This bundle includes 12 new funny Valentine’s designs to make cute t-shirts. Png files are always included if you wish to use them as sublimation files for much easier application on fabrics.

This is a strictly sublimation bundle meaning all designs included are available only in png. It includes mostly designs for kids and toddlers.

Another sublimation bundle this time for older kids. Love the Gnome designs.

This is another cute Valentine Stickers bundle you can find available and it’s on Silhouette too. They also come with instructions how to use the png as print and cut file for Silhouette and Cricut.

Another cute valentine’s bundle (cut files and sublimation) for kids. We try to mix and match our designs for a greater variety of choice for our customers.

Another cute Valentine Bundle this time featuring 6 valentine’s cards you can print n cut with your cameo and silhouette machine.

And for the lovers of planners and organizers we have this beautiful set of February Planner Stickers in the theme of Valentine’s day, available as print n cut file.

This week Silhouette Store Projects

If you are a Silhouette user subscriber now you can get our designs for this week on the Silhouette Design Store .

Silhouette Design Store Design Specifications:

All the designs are submitted for approval and are reviewed and published by the Silhouette America Design Team. This means that all designs are perfect to run with your cutting machine.

Our Files on Silhouette Store are available in Silhouette Edition Format and SVG. Not PNG. If you need the PNG you can purchase from another marketplace we sell.

The SVGs you purchase at the Silhouette Store can also be used with other cutting machines such as Cricut. In this way Silhouette opens the way for very affordable designs for all cut machines users.

So Fontsy Bundle Of Bundles…

Have you seen this bundle in SoFontsy? It features some of our most popular designs but also many more with great quality and variety.

The bundle is in a really good price since it contains  685 designs worth $478 just for $35.99 dollars  saving you a brave 92% off.

Really Great Bundle in a Really Low Price.

Also another great bundle mainly for font Lovers is this one here where you get 20 Fonts just with 20 Dollars. And they are so cute…

Really Cute Fonts!

Every Week 3 of our Files are almost Free!

Now every week you can visit SoFontsy website and find 3 of our cut files for 1 dollar each. We intend to rotate designs each week, making it more interesting for you. So don’t forget to visit SoFontsy on the $1-3 Deals area and look for amazing designs by many creators in great prices.

For this Week 23-30 June you can find these 3 designs:

Ranch MailBox Design
Catching Rays and Surfing Waves
99 % pirate

How to Open Your Cricut/Silhouette Files

To open your files with Cricut software the procedure is rather simple but please first make sure that you are using your desktop computer to upload your files in the Design space and NOT your mobile phone or tablet. This is quite important as Cricut’s manual clearly specifies that the app doesn’t upload any files. You can also check it at Cricut’s manual section 2. 

Click to access _cricutdesignspaceappusermanual.pdf

Opening your Digital Files with Cricut

So once you are on a desktop computer and you are using Design Space the procedure is rather simple: 

From within Cricut’s Design Space press Upload Image> Navigate and search for the SVG file you wish to upload by pressing Browse or just drag&drop the file on the Browse button> Press Save then Select the Design and Press Insert Images. 

Why is this procedure important? Can’t I just double click the SVG? 

Over time I have heard back from customers who try to open an SVG file just by double-clicking on the file and in most cases the SVG opens with an irrelevant program such as an Internet Browser and of course they can’t use the file as a cut file. Especially for Cricut Design Space this procedure can’t be used (by double clicking the file) since Cricut Design Space is an online web “application”.  So you must follow the instructions above and go through the Design Space Program to open your SVGs. 

Opening your Digital Files with Silhouette

Silhouette is a program you can associate with your SVG or DXF files so your computer knows that each time you double click a file with the .svg or .dxf extension you want it to open with your Silhouette software. But first it’s important to manually associate these type of files with the Silhouette Program. The procedure is rather simple and it’s best describe in Missy Meyer’s very helpful article you can read here:

In any case you do not wish your computer to associate these files with the specific program you can just follow the normal procedure and open the files within Silhouette. So open your Silhouette Studio > Go Files> Open > Choose your file > Press ok. 

Now Your file  should open at Silhouette Program.