Introducing Creative Journal – Available in Digital and Printed Version

a Journal made by a creator for creators.

It is a long time ago when I started my own design online business. At first, it was ok but my business (thank you all) developed and I couldn’t find a journal or planner to help me keep my projects organized and not only my projects but also all the stuff related to them. Either they were too personal or too generic. I bought a few but most of the time I was keeping notes of my own. So time after time by keeping simple notes I created my first journal where I kept track of most of the ideas, the projects, and the associated related to them. Don’t think it was something organized. It was a mess. Because it was just quick notes I took by hand. But then I thought? “M…if I could get these papers organized somehow?” And so Creative Journal was born. Let’s see it.

As you will see it’s divided into 3 sections:

The first section resembles an ordinary personal journal. It contains an index you can create on your own (depending on which pages are more important to you. For example if you want to track a project you can note down its development by adding the pages you create for it as you go). It also includes passwords, contacts, daily, weekly, and monthly little things you may want to add…

The second section is devoted to your finances. It includes yearly, monthly, and weekly income/ expenses pages whereas it also includes a conversion field if, for example, you need to keep track of your income coming from a different currency and you convert that to your own currency.

The third section where Creative Journal gets to be “creative” makes the difference. Because it includes pages totally devoted to your projects, your social media planning, and even youtube ideas planning in order to help you associate your projects with each other and keep note of them as you track them down.

The best part is it’s fully customizable on Canva just by making a free account and available in 3 sizes: Letter Size, A4, and A5. You can download it as it or make your own changes to personalize it and then download the pdf. You can either print it or import the pdf on Ipad or Goodnotes.

Personally, I prefer printing and writing down but you can also use it digitally.

Hope it helps you keep track of all the ideas, projects, inspirations, videos, and content you have. For any questions contact me.

The “My Creative Journal” is now available on our new Etsy Shop at a friendly price for all creators.

But you can also buy the Hardback Cover Edition straight from Amazon

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