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Visit our Silhouette Store

We are happy contributors on the Silhouette Design Store. Visit our Store and get new and exclusive files in very affordable prices. Our files are available in Studio but also SVG format, so not only Silhouette users, but also users of other machines that work with SVG can use it. Most of our designs are… Continue reading Visit our Silhouette Store

cut files, printables

Test Our Files

We are happy to provide you with a sample of our file in SVG, DXF and PNG Format (which is the standard format we sell our files) so you can see the cuts and test its readability and performance with your cutting machine or printer. Please USE only as a personal File. For the winter… Continue reading Test Our Files

cut files, printables

Florida Hurricane SVG DXF PNG Free

Sharing the worry and best wishes for a fast recovery you can use our Florida Be Strong, Be Courageous Cut File available in SVG, DXF and PNG to create your own fund-raising campaigns for the relief of the ones who lost their homes and jobs.

cut files, printables

Creating a Unicorn in Adobe Illustrator

Want to see a bit of my creating process? It can really go a long way, but in short here is a sample: creating and editing this lovely unicorn, unifying the cut lines, cleaning, erasing and make all things necessary for a unique and clean cut file.