How to Open Your Cricut/Silhouette Files

To open your files with Cricut software the procedure is rather simple but please first make sure that you are using your desktop computer to upload your files in the Design space and NOT your mobile phone or tablet. This is quite important as Cricut’s manual clearly specifies that the app doesn’t upload any files. You can also check it at Cricut’s manual section 2. 

Click to access _cricutdesignspaceappusermanual.pdf

Opening your Digital Files with Cricut

So once you are on a desktop computer and you are using Design Space the procedure is rather simple: 

From within Cricut’s Design Space press Upload Image> Navigate and search for the SVG file you wish to upload by pressing Browse or just drag&drop the file on the Browse button> Press Save then Select the Design and Press Insert Images. 

Why is this procedure important? Can’t I just double click the SVG? 

Over time I have heard back from customers who try to open an SVG file just by double-clicking on the file and in most cases the SVG opens with an irrelevant program such as an Internet Browser and of course they can’t use the file as a cut file. Especially for Cricut Design Space this procedure can’t be used (by double clicking the file) since Cricut Design Space is an online web “application”.  So you must follow the instructions above and go through the Design Space Program to open your SVGs. 

Opening your Digital Files with Silhouette

Silhouette is a program you can associate with your SVG or DXF files so your computer knows that each time you double click a file with the .svg or .dxf extension you want it to open with your Silhouette software. But first it’s important to manually associate these type of files with the Silhouette Program. The procedure is rather simple and it’s best describe in Missy Meyer’s very helpful article you can read here:

In any case you do not wish your computer to associate these files with the specific program you can just follow the normal procedure and open the files within Silhouette. So open your Silhouette Studio > Go Files> Open > Choose your file > Press ok. 

Now Your file  should open at Silhouette Program.  

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