Ai Down to Business..

So here are some of the results I got testing Ai…

Prompt: Kawaii Easter Bunny Sticker Set

Spark results CF…

As you see the results are so poor and out of words…ok let’s go…

Stable Diffusion: prompt: cute baby holding easter bunny and ballon

Actually there were more photos of such babies, but I felt sorry both for the babies and the bunnies.

Next: Midjourney much better results with the Kawaii Easter Bunny Sticker Set but with faults as you can see, if you get closer to the images. But looked much more promising so I asked an Easter cute girl with bunny coloring page

I got several variations the one above was the top but I give you the variations to judge by yourself:

None if this variables are professional or adequate enough to be paid, but more over this is not an easter bunny, is a sacrificial bunny. LOL…

So I took matters into my own hands and made my own coloring page for kids:

By completely redrawing it on top.

fantasy prompt watercolor bunny: Ok this was better, seems that coloring pages are out of the way but you can use it for more fantasy worlds. So I liked bunny 4 of course I am not going to use it because in my craft (sublimation: the lower part is quite heavy but that’s an image at least publishable to be posted on stock markets, use up to the client).

Last stop for today was deepdreamgenerator….

Again the advertisement that I got was:

Deep Dream Generator is a website that offers AI-powered image generation. The website allows users to upload an image and apply various filters and styles, resulting in unique and creative images. 

The site is divided to 3 functions: the text prompts, the image prompts and the deep image. So I gave all 3 a chance starting from number 2. Uploading your own sketches and transforming it to art.

Again the site lets up to some credits for free, then wants to be paid.

Let’s see the main issue uploading an image: all my images failed:

This was my original photo of my pet, an average photo a client would send you to generate a sketch as the sites says, results:

effort number 2

here the cat was changed into a lamp

effort number 3

original prompt: cat watercolor effect, more simple than this you die.

Then I gave it another chance with my dog choosing an artistic style but

ok wake me up or demand money when you are ready for me. I still gave it another try with no images of my own

I tried watercolor cat and voila

and then cute mermaid Kawaii style with soft colors playing with starfish

yes apparently no client will ever wish a mermaid whose tail is her hair but since its free who knows it may sell. Still it can be used as a good reference for future Kawaii mermaid projects. And since they are many sites accepting images From Ai as faulty as they are, I bet its ok.

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