Starting Out as an SVG Designer…. Part 2 

Since Most SVG designers are doing quotes, I believe I should dedicate an extensive post about typography.

Typography in a broader sense refers to the system that governs all kinds of alphabets starting from the known sets you can purchase online such as typefaces (fonts). But as a general system, it also covers calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Calligraphy is the art of writing connected letters either with traditional or digital methods. 

Hand-lettering is the art of designing individual or connected letters either with traditional or digital methods, decorating them, and making them unique in the sense that they can’t be copied. 

Typography as we said governs everything. So let’s see some universal typography terms: 

1/ Tracking >>> Tracking refers to the space between letters in general. For a balanced sentence, these spaces need to be equal. 

2/ Kerning >>> Spacing between specific letters > same rule as above applies. 

3/ Leading >>> space from one sentence to another where we refer to the vertical alignment between them. 

As far as it concerns typefaces 3 are the main kind: Serif > these with decorative small elements, sans-serif (without decorative), and script fonts. Here are some samples of combinations that create a safe aesthetic result.

I really encourage you to study typography as it’s a fundamental practice to comprehend lettering and the use of letters. And I also encourage you to invest in a program that allows heavy manipulation of fonts such as Ai ( adobe illustration) if you want to invest in fonts. 

Alternatively, you can use procreate or any other pixel-based program to create your own calligraphy and lettering quotes. 

Working with already purchased fonts is perhaps the easiest way to start experimenting with text and typography. 

If you intend to do lettering then you should first learn calligraphy as many rules applied are the same. 

When it comes to typography and already purchased fonts there is a great variety where you can discover Serif Fonts, Sans Serif Fonts, Script Fonts, and also hand-lettered fonts for various uses.

 In the next post, we are going to discover elementary typography’s basic rules so you can grasp a better fundamentals in typefaces.

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