Creating Fan Art in Procreate

I decided to take my skills on a test and I painted Count Olaf as a caricature and Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. I wish I had more time. I did both of then within a day among other projects.

Why Count Olaf? I really loved Jim Carrey’s expressions as Count Olaf. He gives so much of a cartoony air to the character. And I draw him as if he was a cartoon with more exaggerated features like the chin and the eyes (which must express some kind of paranoia right?). After all, that’s Count Olaf.

I wish I had more time to exaggerate him. (:

Maleficent was another case. I was intrigued by that icy tone of her skin. The subtle icy tones and the great contrast. Perhaps it looks easy but I hadn’t the time to finish her (these blue highlights are missing). I did her after a long day to relax and I was exhausted. By the time I reached the highlights I was off. But I really loved the process. Especially all these cool tones that are supposed to reflect her cold and distant personality.

I think I don’t nee to say that both sketches were made just for the pure pleasure of it. And see how much control I have over color and brushes.

Sorry Maleficent you deserved better (:

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