Halloween Brushes and More…

Today I had the joy to upload to my new Whimsical Fairy Art Etsy Shop my new Halloween stamp brushes, which believe me I created with so much eagerness and care.

Halloween Procreate Stamps

As you see they have the logo of Graphic House Design because when I made the previews I hadn’t done Whimsical Fairy Art.

Let’s see what’s included:

Halloween Procreate Chibi Characters

These are the main characters you can mix and match with the rest of the stamps included in the set to create your own fun designs.

Procreate Chibi Halloween Brushes – Seline

To give you an example Seline can be combined with a standing broom or a flying one and with the addition of other characters and scenery (included in the brushes) become a totally different design. Add to her a hat or a companion and the scene changes totally.

Halloween Procreate Stamp Brushes – Companions

Now that I mentioned companions these cute characters and all included as stand-alone brushes you can use them on their own or mix them. Let’s see more additional elements the brush-set includes:

Halloween Chibi Additional Elements

See that cute ghost carrying a lamp? This is a result of the mix and match of the additional companions and the extra accessories. Seline above had as a background the moon and skies and of course, hats can be mixed with any character.

Different witch Hats, now that I mentioned them, are included and can be mixed and matched with any main and additional character. Use them on top of companions, and main characters and decorate them with the additional elements to create your own unique designs. Top them even on top of bats…

Halloween Chibi Procreate Bat stamps

Haha, what’s more Halloween than bats? Make sure to add a few to your designs, use them as the main focus and combine them with the additional elements to make your own designs.

Last but not least we have included the top Halloween protagonist – pumpkins.

Create your own pumpkin faces through a variety of pumpkins and pumpkin faces. Combine all the above and the combinations you can create as unique are endless.

I have also included ready scenes to stimulate your creativity and give you examples of how you can mix and match the different chibis for fun Halloween scenes.

The Halloween brush set is available in our new shop Whimsical Fairy Art here.

Also on Design Bundles and Creative Market

Please note that prices tend to differ from marketplace to marketplace due to different license forms. You will need to read the licenses for each marketplace to decide which one best fists your needs.

General License Terms: Mixing and matching is a necessity you cant use individual elements nor the whole brush set as it is to sell it digitally.

Commercial use is allowed as long as you create end products using a combination of elements. The same applies for both digital and physical end products.

Personal use – fully allowed to create whatever you wish from the bottom of your heart.

You will need a basic procreate knowledge to import the brushes and edit the stamps to create your own art.

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