July 5, 2022

This week turned out to be a productive week. Mostly I dedicated time to creating templates for my new Etsy shop WhimsicalFairyArt

I also had my first sale after a long time since I had opened this shop before but closed it due to lack of time. Now that my other Etsy Shop GraphicHouseDesign seems to walk on its own without my constant attention, it is time to look after another child.

I must say I am very happy to open it again under a new name and also with new fresh ideas. I believe that summer is an ideal season for new beginnings. Sales are low anyway and everything seems to move slower, somehow.

My first sale was guess what? Creative Journal. And it also got a good review from the client. I am thinking of contacting and asking her about her impressions. It’s important for me to understand points of weakness she may have found. But also if she is really pleased with the journal.

Advertising is hard. Today I spend more time on Amazon about the hardcover edition of the book. Really what is it with Amazon? It’s chaotic. People can be quite intimated by all the things that go on the site. I hadn’t seen a tutorial in publishing but it has so many sections, I almost felt I needed a tutor. (LOL)>

I opted in for advertising, believing it can help with the sales but after 48 hours ( I had done this 2 days ago) it’s still under review. Ok as we said everything moves slower during summer.

Weekly Additions

So what’s new? As I said I dedicated most of my time to creating new products for my new Etsy shop. Let’s see them.

I created this cute Toothfairy Editable Certificate for boys.

Ι need to create another for girls as well.

This little certificate opened my appetite for tooth fairies LOL. So I began designing one at procreate. I believe it can make a good design for a tooth fairy certificate seal. And I can use it both as SVG for my Silhouette Store and also as colored clipart for my new shop.

Next, I did a resume template

I like the lavender colors. As it’s the first resume/cv I did for my new Shop I thought to keep it short and sweet. Perhaps ideal for a young female with short experience. It’s modern, not busy, and communicates a professional essence without demanding much information.

I also created this rosegold flyer It’s an A4 page that can be used either for print or as an email newsletter (through Canva and Mailchimp).

I added also a Halloween Font, two actually but they are at the same listing LOL. I give them as a duo. Halloween Creepy Font.

These are not new as I already have them on GraphichouseDesign but I combined them under the same listing the first time here.

Creepy is quite popular (LOL) despite the creepiness so I hope it can bring some traffic to my WhimsicalFairy Art also.

I think that’s about last week’s projects. Oh no…I forgot today I also did this cute Pumpkin First Birthday Template

I draw the pumpkin myself at Procreate which by the way I love for.

And what about that tooth fairy? Well, she is here now but not so ready. I need to color her first, even though she is ready in terms of SVG. I plan to upload her to my Silhouette Design Store soon. And to Graphichousedesign, soon. Excuse me for any links missing but this is so tiring…

I am really trying to improve my drawing style and year after year I do see a change in it. I go back and redraw the sketches I did some time ago to see my improvement and I think it’s making a difference. It’s a liberation for any artists to be able to draw just about anything. But it takes a lot of commitment and a lot of time. This is why you have to love what you do. Otherwise it would inbearable. Still I am glad that graphic design has turned to be an art.

I hope that in the future I can give you more through these pages and I will. I am not the “subscribe to get a bonus” type. Actually marketing is one of my most hated areas. But I am pleased that slowly I am coming out of my shell to establish a communication. And I really needed to.

So thank you for reading this post. It makes me so happy.

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