Creative Market…

I always considered Creative Market to be a marketplace made from designers for designers. 

And what do I mean by that? During my first years as a freelance artist, there were not many places where you could buy fonts, PSD mockups, InDesign templates, and clipart to use for clients’ projects. And Creative Market just served that purpose.

Another big plus was the multiple licenses set by the platform itself in contrast to Etsy (which as a general marketplace doesn’t cover this issue and the designer had and still has to create his/her own licenses). So already, there is a great difference there as Creative Market features multiple licenses, protecting the right of designers and setting price limits. 

Obviously, it has a great name, and truly really fought to preserve it. How? Well, in contrast to many other marketplaces where anyone can open a store, Creative Market has quality standards in order to be accepted within their circle. This is their way of protecting the marketplace and also the designers that offer genuine and quality products in relation to designers who copy or can’t yet offer a quality job. 

So if you want to open your shop you will be under review. And if you are accepted, then you can sell your own products. 

Is it worth it? 

Personally, there were times that I had a good income from Creative Market, but I am in SVG Files and this limits my audience inside Creative Market because apparently svg files are not so towards designers but final end products.  Even though I had great proposals from professional companies and this helped me personally. If you are a designer who can really offer genuine designs, clipart, PSD templates, and InDesign templates, yes it’s worth it. Plus Creative Market is a classic value so you just need it for advertisement alone. You don’t have to pay for listings, the only commission is when you sell a product, and they run their own promotions where you can participate, without angst. 

Next Stop Design Bundles…

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