May the New Year Bring Joy

We are continuing creating new designs even though the time for Christmas cheer and relax has finally come!!

I really wish from the bottom of my heart the new year to bring to all of us joy, health and prosperity. A new year to come is always a wonderful opportunity for new or old dreams to become as real as possible and new goals to be achieved!

For this year I just want to dive deeper in my art and be able to do more and more designs full of cuteness and cheerful attitude. Just because in a crazy world of everyday challenges, it soothes me so much. I hope that we all find a fulfillment.

These two cute calendars for the 2022 are available and sold together on our Etsy Store, Creative Market Store and Design Bundles. But if you are a Silhouette member of the official Silhouette Design Store you can find them at the site sold separately. Hope you enjoy them.

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