Graphic House Design

Terms and License of Use 

Please note that this License applies for our Etsy Marketplace and PatterbyEtsy (Our E-shop). Other marketplaces are governed from their own license and you are free to reach us there for questions.

This License is an agreement between you and owned and regulated by Markia E.Vlachou, a registered EU Business.

1. Grant

GraphicHouseDesign retains all ownership of the files and its contents, but grants you the permission to use this file as described below: Your usage of the Items is subject to the terms of this License.

2. Acceptable Usage of the files

  • Unlimited use of the files to create end products for personal use
  • Limited use of the files to create end products for commercial use. The limited use is restricted to 500 copies per design unless its stated either wise at the description of a particular listing or according to the license of the marketplaces we sell. You can refresh this license if you are interested in a larger production by repurchasing our file or visit our website to discover point of sales (marketplaces) with extended licenses thus greater number of copies per design.
  • Please note that by the term “end product” we define physical products such as t-shirts, mugs, totes, stickers and printed artwork which are produced / manufactured by you.
  • Web use allowed for your personal projects example use of a seal or quote for your personal website.
  • You can use Printful as your production partner but please make sure the files are not placed in POD marketplaces (see below) and the use is strictly for production and not licensing.

3. Unacceptable Usage of the files

  • Sharing, distributing for free, selling or reselling our designs (altered or not) or part of our files in any other form as digital files example: reselling our files as printables online, sharing our files even for free among Facebook Groups or any other media.
  • Using our design in Print On Demand Services (PODS) such as Zazzle, Cafepress, Merch by Amazon as this would mean you are claiming ownership of our designs and you are distributing digitally our files without a permission (see also the previous bullet point). 
  • Altering our designs or extracting portions of it to make more items for sale.
  • Creation of decals and stencil for commercial use.

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