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Over time I have created with success many custom cut files for my customers. All of my custom designs are exclusively done according to the our customer’s guidelines, so they are unique and can’t be resold. Therefore, I have resulted in two kind of listings one for personal use and one for unlimited commercial.

All of our custom designs either for personal or commercial use require time, effort and continuous communication with our customers. Please note that personally as a designer I prefer to refund a customer who doesn’t respond to my questions, instead of keeping on a project, without feedback and verification from my client.

If you want me to create a custom listing for you please access the following listings:

Personal use

Unlimited Commercial Use

All transactions need to be made by Etsy to secure payment. Please read carefully the listings description as it includes all the details of the designs, including style, what’s offered and limitations.

You can still contact me through my site for extra questions. I love communicating with my customers. Thank You.

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