Questions you probably want to ask and we want to answer.

Are you a registered business?

Yes, I am registered in EU and all EU taxes and regulations apply, along with responsibilities that come along when having a legitimate business in EU. Therefore our designs are also protected under the regulations and copyright protection laws that apply in Europe. Feel free and safe to purchase. I love my business (as it is my main profession) and I am happy to protect it and supply you with the best quality and support I can.

You can find on the footer of the site the Legal EU Registration information, all business in European Community are obligated to have listed for use of the authorities.

What types of files do you sell?

Most of our files are available to you in 3 formats:

  • SVG files are compatible with most cutting machines (even though you should consult with your cutting machine’s manual to make sure).
  • DXF files are specially created for use with Silhouette Cameo machine that features the Standard Studio Edition.
  • The PNG files are all transparent and cover a 12X12 inches canvas area which should be large enough for most projects. Please be aware that the image is not flipped for maximum versatility as png files are also used as clipart images to design projects and can be used also as printable files, therefore I always provide them as they are. So please in case you need it flipped consult with the software or the printer you use and you should be able to flip your image from there.

What If I need another type of file?

You can communicate with me so I can send you another format of the file you need for free.

SVG work as AI files (they are created in Adobe Illustrator and can be read back from Adobe Illustrator).

PNG can be printed with the same quality as JPG since they are saved in High Resolution 300 dpi. Maximum printable size is 12×12 inches but remember that SVG are vectors and you can either edit the SVG and export and a bigger PNG for printable use or ask me to do it (providing the size that you need).

PDF can also be exported from SVG within Adobe Illustrator environment. The same goes for EPS.

Where can I use your files?

All of our designs can be used for creating your own physical products like t-shirts, totes, mugs, canvas, boards, wooden signs, labels which you can sell at your own store or you can create for your personal use. Same applies for prints of all sizes. For more information please read our License Terms

Can I use your designs for Print On Demand Sites? 

NO because on Print on Demand Sites what is really sold to the marketplace is the design and this would mean using our files as digital files which is prohibited. The same applies for others marketplaces where you can find our designs.

However you can incorporate our designs in physical products that you sell such as stickers, planners, cards etc. In all occasions please if asked by customers provide credit for our designs.

What restrictions apply to your files?

It really depends on where you buy your files from. Each Marketplace comes with its own restrictions/limitations on the number of copies you can produce and therefore you should read the license that each marketplace supplies. You can find a quick list here.

But in general please keep in mind that  it is very important for us not to copy, share, duplicate or resell our files either as digital files or embroidery files or to upload them as digital files to other marketplaces. This is strictly prohibited.

We are keeping the prices of our files affordable for individuals and small business owners in order to avoid such unfortunate events that really hurt the creators and the clients. So please respect the rights of all and use your files within the limits granted by the designer.

Why are your prices different in each marketplace?

Etsy Marketplace are sold half priced than the rest of the other marketplaces because they are restricted to 500 copies per design.

This is done also to help small business owners to get our designs and take advantage from Etsy’s coupons and promotions and get started with small business. Etsy listings are also targeted to the ones who wish to buy our files for personal use.

For the rest marketplaces the use is mostly for commercial reasons with unlimited use so as you understand the prices need to reflect this. Despite the differences that exist I try to keep the prices as flat as possible among marketplaces.

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