About me…

My name is Marcia, mom of a beautiful daughter and a professional graphic designer. My scope is to create beautiful designs which you can use for your crafting and printing business.

Hello, thank you for visiting my site..

Let me share with you some personal and professional information that can help you learn more about my work, my experiences and my designs…

As most of you know I am an official Silhouette Design Contributor. I started my own journey as a sole propietor in 2016 after establishing my first shop on Etsy. This was no other than Graphic House Design which is my pride. After 2 years Silhouette approached me to be one their contributors and it proved to be one of the best journeys of my life. You can always see my designs on Silhouette here. It really changed my life.

I also used a part of Silhouette hospitality for the validity of my own files. So I never release any files to other marketplaces prior to Silhouette accepting and reviewing them. In this way I am certain that my products are always of quality value.

Other marketplaces that I work with are Design Bundle, Creative Market, Adobe and Canva. In my spare time I also enjoy uploading designs to Zazzle. Because let’s face it…who creator doesn’t love to see his/her designs on products?

I especially enjoy typography quotes with hand designed elements which can decor our house and hearts with positive and inspirational messages. A smile is always a smile wherever this may come from.

To achieve this I love mixing good typography which includes hand lettered and script fonts with hand drawn graphic elements. The final result is a great range and variety of designs which you can use for your projects.

As a small business owner I really want to help small business owners to thrive as their success can also be considered my success as well. For this reason our prices are friendly not only to individuals but also to small business owners who create handmade physical objects.

I create using my imac, my ipad pro, apple pencil, adobe illustrator and astropad. You can read more about my different creating techniques following this link.

If you are interested in our designs you can purchase from the marketplaces which are listed HERE.

Please be aware that price variations exist due to different license terms by the different marketplaces. Please be sure to understand the different terms upon purchasing.

Personally I am a mom of (five) LOL. I have a daughter, two Maltese dogs, and two cats…a stray Cat which I picked up from the streets when he (yes it was a boy) was 5 days old and a Ragdoll.

You can always visit me and follow on Facebook

I am still new in developing my YouTube account but I hope I can do more as I earn views and followers because there are so many things I want to discuss and give.


Thanks for your patience in reading this.