Designer in Distress (nah, Why Print n Cut Stickers come with a black border)

This is an issue, I wanted to address, as I regularly get this question. Let me say that I am a Silhouette user and a Silhouette Design Store contributor so I have a little experience in print n cut files. As I really enjoy creating stickers, I wanted to show you with screenshots the dilemma to do stickers with a black border or not to do? Without a further delay let’s get down to business.

This is our main image, I created it this week, inspired by my two kittens, we are going to use for our example. Why? Because it’s large and clear. A perfect example.

So we upload this design to Silhouette, you can see it has no black stroke, just a white background which is meant to unify the design so the hearts are not cut on their own.

Let’s use the tracing feature and try to trace it so the outline lines are created and the sticker can be cut.

This is the first tracing pushed at the maximum threshold, of course we need to trace the outer edge so let’s just do that. Result:

M… it was obvious from the upper screen for an experience user, but now it’s obvious for all; the white background is not enough to unify the design. The hearts will be cut separately. So here is another attempt:

Here we pushed the scale option so it can contain the hearts but again once you remove the design and left with the tracing (and you should always do this to ensure a smooth cut) is this…

Here the designer has no option but to jump out of the window…or apply a black stroke…So we have to visit Photoshop…

Let’s see the result now…

Now we are tracing with the Threshold at maximum and the Scale option as it was in our previous example (when I was ready to jump out of the window…)…

And voila now Silhouette correctly traces our image without hassle.

So a black stroke is unfortunately a necessity to guarantee successful tracing especially when there is a need to address both Cricut and Silhouette users.

I hope that you find this article useful and got an insight into designing and how things are not always so obvious or straightforward.

Send me an email for further questions, I will be glad to help.

New Mom and Dad Sublimation Bundle

Ten Funny Mom and Dad sublimation designs in png. Easy application with heat transfer materials. Use with your iron or heat press. 

300 Dpi

Canvas Size: 12X12 inches all designs fit approximately to these dimensions (size can be adjusted through printer’s dialogue box).

File Type: PNG – Transparent Background

Ideal Use: Sublimation / Use with Heat Transfers Papers

Please notice that colors in print vary from colors on screen due to printers’ 4 colors gamma.

Adjust your printing quality for better results.

Also our PNGS are not reversed (in case you need them reversed – you should be able to mirror them from your printer’s dialogue box).

All of our designs are also available as cut files. Please visit our store for more cut files.

New Cute and Funny Valentine’s Printable Stickers

A nice set of cute valentine stickers you can print and cut as convenient to embellish planners, greeting cards, notebooks and so many other fun projects.

Your Download includes the files: 

1. Kawaii Valentine Girl Sticker

2. Kawaii Cupid Stickers 

3. Valentine Cute Stickers 

4. Valentine Hearts set 

5. Valentine funny animal love quotes

6. Valentine Tags – can be used as stickers as well 

7. A separate PDF File with instructions how to print on cut on Silhouette and Cricut

8. Quick Cheat Screenshots for easy tracing with Silhouette 

Further properties:

300 Dpi (High Resolution)

RGB Mode (suitable for most desktop and on line printer services)

Transparent Background

All files are also separately available in our Silhouette Design Store.

Funny Family Definition Bundle

Funny Family Definition Bundle

New Funny Definitions Bundle available in our Etsy shop, Design Bundles and Creative Market. Each file is also individually sold on our Silhouette Design Store.

Create funny humorous t-shirt for all family. Ideal for celebrations such as Mother’s Day and birthdays.

New Year’s Mini Bundle

Get ready to welcome the new year with this cute and funny mini bundle. It contains seven files, each one in SVG, DXF and PNG for crafting and sublimation projects. Available as a bundle on Etsy, Design Bundle Store and Creative Market. All files are also sold separately on our Silhouette Design Store.

May the New Year Bring Joy

We are continuing creating new designs even though the time for Christmas cheer and relax has finally come!!

I really wish from the bottom of my heart the new year to bring to all of us joy, health and prosperity. A new year to come is always a wonderful opportunity for new or old dreams to become as real as possible and new goals to be achieved!

For this year I just want to dive deeper in my art and be able to do more and more designs full of cuteness and cheerful attitude. Just because in a crazy world of everyday challenges, it soothes me so much. I hope that we all find a fulfillment.

These two cute calendars for the 2022 are available and sold together on our Etsy Store, Creative Market Store and Design Bundles. But if you are a Silhouette member of the official Silhouette Design Store you can find them at the site sold separately. Hope you enjoy them.

A Christmas Gift…

We are trying hard to improve our designs and make listings that are compelling and original based on true drawing…we love to share them with you as you are an audience that has embraced our designs and our creative world. Thanks to you our Etsy store reached the 44.000 sales and we became an official Silhouette Contributor. Since this is Thanksgiving Day our greatest thanks belong to our audience. From the bottom of my heart we share with you this Christmas asset free to download.

Print for your kids and enjoy!

New Sublimation Bundles

I have already started revamping our older cut files Fall/Halloween and Christmas so they can be turned into beautiful and vibrant sublimation files you can use with ease either you own a cutting machine or not. 

I personally enjoy so much the process because I get to recolor it in procreate and I draw by hand with the apple pencil and I must admit I am hooked with the many brushes and patterns, that’s almost addictive. 

These files will be available in small bundles on most marketplaces and not as individual files (with the exception of Silhouette Design Store). Hopefully more Christmas svgs that are suitable for sublimation recoloring will be available soon. 

Halloween Kids Sublimation Designs

In this little bundle I have added color variations, which I also found quite interesting to create as colors at PNG files are set so you can’t change them easily as you can with cut files.