Design Bundles Let’s Continue…

So where were we? Oh, yes Design Bundles. Overall it’s a good income (to my experience though more unsteady than Etsy), with more up and downs per month. So it can be good as a second choice but you shouldn’t solely depend on one platform to make a sustainable income.

They promote mostly massive bundles. So it’s really hard to be featured on page one unless you offer massive deals and let’s be honest no genuine creator can produce so much for so less unless he/she has a history of ten years back in the industry. 

But you should do Bundles anyway as this may give you the chance to participate in the monthly bundles they do. That’s extra money at the side and they also have 1$ deals where, if chosen by their team, you can also participate with selected files.

Steps for success:  

  1. Open your shop and upload regularly designs, write good key words. 
  2. Have many different genres (good for any marketplace). 
  3. SVGS and Sublimation are the first to sell here. 
  4. Make bundles and massive ones offered in low prices to attract clients.
  5. Take advantage of the sale promotion and put discounts on your products. 
  6. Be viral about. Exploit the groups they have in Facebook about promoting. When you think about Design Bundles you have to think about going big with the files you have.