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Now in Collaboration with Amazon Merch we are bringing our customers the ability to shop our T-shirts, manufactured and shipped by Amazon.

Get to See Our T-Shirt Collection

Or From the Search Bar on Amazon type GraphicHouse T-Shirts and this should bring up our collection. We intend to expand our categories and designs over time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Amazon Merch…

  1. Can your designs on Amazon Merch be found as Cut Files and vice versa?

We keep our T-Shirts on Amazon separated from our Cut Files, meaning that the designs we provide for Merch are new and can’t be found on Etsy or other Cut Files Marketplaces (with the exception of one or two designs which we could not resist).

The reason is simple: We do not wish to compete with our current customers that are buying our cut files for use in their craft projects for commercial use. We wish to keep our activity and our designs on Amazon totally independent from our Cut Files in order not to confuse our customers and to provide different designs for different uses (example mugs, wooden signs, baby apparel).

Please note that the use of our Cut Files in POD (Print On Demand Sites) is not permitted anyway, as in order to upload a design on POD sites you must own the copyright of the designs. If you are not sure about the use of our cut files, please make sure to read our Cut Files Policy 

2. I am interested in one of your designs but is not available in the color or size I want? 

You can contact us using our email grhouse@mail.com and we can generate the design you want in the color combination that you wish.

 3. I have a problem with my order (size, material) can I contact you? 

As you understand we are only doing the design process, so please contact Amazon which processes the order and can either cancel or refund you the transaction. As you understand you must choose your size according to the chart provided by Amazon (which is common for all T-shirts), in order to help you getting the right fit.

  4. Do you do Custom orders for T-Shirts on Amazon? 

Yes we can do custom for you, either you are a representing a Group or need your t-shirt for a special event, we can design your t-shirt in the spirit that most of our designs are (this includes typography and sketches or illustrations that I personally create).

Please note that we do not create t-shirt with photos as we worry very much about the printed quality, so in this case, we won’t be offer you our services. Once we produce the design you can place your order on Amazon and have your t-shirt delivered to you. Take care to order your custom t-shirt in advance (taking into consideration that the design process can take 2-3 days to complete as you need to approve the design first and tell us the desired colors you will need). We are not responsible for any delays through Amazon as we do not control the delivery system.

   5. How much a Custom Design will cost?  

This really depends on the design but an average cost is 20 dollars, which needs to be prepaid separately and in advance through Paypal. Notice that this price is independent from the order you will need to place on  Amazon Merch in order to receive your t-shirt. The base price for each t-shirt then will be 14 dollars (for standard t-shirts), which you can purchase in the quantity you need, normally through Amazon as you would do with every other t-shirt.

6. Will my custom order be available for others to purchase ?  

No, a secret link will be given to you so you can only see and purchase the specific design. We will delete this design later on so make sure you order the quantity you need beforehand.

7. How can I ask about a custom order ? 

Please contact grhouse@mail.com and we will communicate with you to talk about your design.